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FAQ - X-ray

Q1. How significant is the radiation in an X-ray?
The average amount of exposure to an X-ray is very low and is well within the acceptable amount recommended.

Q2. What does one do if an X-ray is required during pregnancy?
The X-ray technician should be informed and he should cover the lower abdomen with a lead apron. In case one’s pregnancy status is unknown, it is still a good idea to ask for protective cover.

Q3. Isn’t barium awful to taste?
No at Babina Diagnostics, it is pleasantly flavoured.

Q4. How long does a barium test take to perform?
An upper G.I. series takes 30 minutes. A full study takes 3-4 hours.

Q5. In these days of hi-tech investigations, are X-rays getting redundant?
No, X-rays are a very cost effective means of diagnosis, particularly where diseases of chest, bones & joints are concerned.

Q6. What is computerized radiography?
Computerised radiography is a type of X-ray that uses a small sensor instead of the film used in conventional X-rays.

Q7. What are its advantages?
There are numerous advantages of obtaining digital images for conventional radiology:

  •  Marked improvement in image quality with better trabecular details.
  •  No need for retakes as variations in exposure can be adjusted on the monitor after the image has been obtained. Thus a perfect image can be printed.
  •  Multiple images from one exposure thus providing complete satisfaction to different specialist doctors.
  •  Multiple images on one film thus resulting in saving on film.
  •  Abnormal portions can be enlarged, highlighted and labeled.
  •  Images can be documented on CD, high quality paper or viewed on a monitor, thus providing cheaper options.

Diagnostic Radiology Details
All types of X-rays are taken at Babina Diagnostics.


  •  At Babina Diagnostics, X-rays are taken on computerized radiography platform.
  •  Online instructions for Diagnostic Radiology.
  •  No special preparation is required for X-rays except for procedures and X-ray of abdomen.
  •  For Barium studies procedures, overnight fasting is required.
  •  For intravenous urography (IVU or IVP) 4 hours fasting is adequate.
  •  Appointments are generally given in the morning.
  •  It is advisable to take a mild purgative (Dulcolax) for a spine X-ray the night before in case of constipation to ensure adequate bowel preparation. This should not be taken however if appendicitis is suspected.
  •  Barium Enema studies are generally performed in the afternoon time as it is a time consuming procedure, requires privacy and does not require total fasting as the patient may have tea/coffee and something light to eat in the morning.
  •  For two nights prior to the study, a mild purgative (Dulcolax) is advisable. One day prior to the study, a total liquid diet avoiding all types of fatty food and milk products is to be taken all throughout the day.
  •  The preparation mentioned above is an ideal preparation. However in an urgent scenario where a barium enema is required, the patient may have a simple enema to evacuate the bowels and barium enema can be performed.
  •  Diabetic patients should take as early an appointment as possible and inform the centre of the same.
  •  For a HSG (Hystero Salpingography) 3 hours of fasting is necessary. The X-ray should be performed on the 6th or 7th day of the cycle.
  •  It is advisable to come in comfortable clothing.
  •  Please bring along reports of any prior X-ray.
  •  X-rays can be harmful to the developing fetus in a pregnant lady. Therefore it is advisable for pregnant ladies to inform the doctor of their condition.

Note - If you have an appointment for only routine X-rays, it is advisable to take an appointment for the afternoon to ensure less waiting time.


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Reports are now available online for downloads. Our customers can download report using the login ID and password (case-sensitive) provided on the receipts. Images of Radiological investigations, however, would not be available for download.

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