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We are using the most advanced state-of-the-art-equipments for diagnostic purpose in our centre.

XE-2100 Automated Haematology Analyzer

New hematology parameters available (NRBC, IRF, & HPC) offering valuable, accurate clinical information
Excellent separation of normal & abnormal cell populations, using patented new fluorescent reagent technology
High throughput & performance - up to 150 samples per hour
Cost effective discrete testing modes & real-time random access testing significantly improve Turn Around Time (TAT)

COBAS 6000, Roche-Hitachi, Japan
Complete capability for clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing
High test throughput
New ultrasonic mixing technology
Comprehensive menu

BACTEC 9050 Instrumented Blood Culture System (Beckton-Dickinson)
Safe and reliable
Easy to use
Non-invasive and facilitates continuous monitoring

VITEK 2 Compact Microbial Identification System (Biomerieux)
Provides greater automation
Safe and user-friendly
Rapid bacterial identification and monitoring

FibroScan 402 (Echosens)
Rapid monitoring for liver fibrosis
Non-invasive and patient-friendly

SOMATOM Emotion 16-slice CT Scanner (Siemens)
High-resolution image detail
Efficient and patient-friendly design

Optima CT660 128-slice CT Scanner (GE Healthcare)
Efficient imaging at optimized dose
Comfortable for patients of all ages and sizes
Broad range of applications – cardiac, angiography, brain, chest, abdomen, orthopaedic, and more.

Magnetom Essenza 1.5 Tesla MRI (Siemens)
Highly efficient and easy-to-use
Greater flexibility
More applications from head to toe

StreamLAB Laboratory Automation System (Siemens)
Simplifies sample management
Single operational interface for all sample input, output and status monitoring
Links multiple analytical systems with consolidated, automated sample handling and management functionality
Automated centrifugation

GE Senographe DMR Plus Mammography (GE Healthcare)
Facs Canto II Flowcytometer (Beckton-Dickinson)
Easy to use
Highly accurate
Flexible and can be configured with two to three lasers to detect up to eight colours

PrepStain Slide Processor (Becton Dickinson)
Liquid-based Pap cytology
Better detection rate
Greater visibilty
Cleaner slides

VITROS 5600 (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics)
Increased capacity with 150 reagent positions
Provide greater efficiency, lower maintenance and minimal calibration
Optimize turnaround time and productivity 
Provide high reportable result efficiency

SYSMEX XN 3000 (Transasia)
Enables implementation of advanced clinical and operational capabilities
All configurations provide advanced clinical parameters
All-new fluorescent platelet channel for IPF 
Helps in the differential diagnosis of thrombocytopenia



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Reports are now available online for downloads. Our customers can download report using the login ID and password (case-sensitive) provided on the receipts. Images of Radiological investigations, however, would not be available for download.

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